Goal 3 Community Indicators

Safe Community

Partner with stakeholders to prevent and address unsafe conditions, protect life and property, respond to emergencies and ensure accessible and fair justice.


Emergency Response Services – Increase safety and security throughout the community by responding to emergency crisis situations

Criminal Justice Services – Improve life outcomes for people involved in the criminal justice system

Prevention Services – Reduce the number of people entering and involved with the criminal justice system

Emergency Management Services – Enhance Durham's ability to decrease harmful impacts of emergency events on people and property

Community Services – Increase residents' ability to help themselves and others be safe and secure


  • Part 1 Crime rate for unincorporated Durham County (violent and property crime)
  • Percentage of residents that reported that they feel very safe or safe (day/night in neighborhood), according to the Resident Satisfaction Survey
  • Number of residents involved in the criminal justice system
  • ISO Insurance Ratings for each fire department

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Part 1 Crime Rate for Unincorporated Durham County (Violent and Property Crime)
​Percentage of Residents That Reported That They Feel Very Safe or Safe (Day/night in Neighborhood), According to the Resident Satisfaction Survey
​Number of Residents Involved in the Criminal Justice System
ISO Insurance Ratings for Each Fire Department