Goal 2 Community Indicators

Health and Well-Being for All

Improve the quality of life across the lifespan through protecting the health of community, reducing barriers to access services and ensuring a network of integrated health and human services available to people in need


Healthy Lives – Increase the number of healthy years that residents live

Healthy Community – Increase the quality of life in Durham County

Healthy Children & Youth – Support the optimal growth and development of children & youth


  • Percentage of population living in poverty (also a Goal 1 community indicator)
  • Percentage of uninsured adults and children
  • Infant mortality rates by race/ethnicity
  • Drug overdose death rate


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Percentage of Population Living in Poverty (also a Goal 1 Community Indicator)
Percentage of Uninsured Adults and Children
Infant Mortality Rates by Race/Ethnicity
Drug Overdose Death Rate