Goal 1 Community Indicators

Community Enrichment and Empowerment

Provide access to educational, vocational, economic and cultural opportunities while empowering citizens to choose pathways for their own success. 


Education - Provide and support learning and enrichment opportunities that support educational achievement and life success

Workforce Development – Strengthen the workforce by supporting the provision of effective education, training and workforce supports, particularly for hard-to-employ groups

Family Success – Support and provide programs, services and systems which improve life skills and increase family success and prosperity

Cultural Opportunities – Foster a strong, diverse, artistic and cultural environment


  • DPS high school / four-year graduation rate
  • Percentage of population living in poverty (also a Goal 2 community indicator)
  • Local unemployment rate
  • Percentage of households spending more than 30 percent of household income on housing


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DPS High School 4-Year Graduation Rate
Local Unemployment Rate
Percentage of Population Living in Poverty
Percentage of Households Spending More than 30% of Household Income on Housing