Strategic Plan Community Indicators 

Within each of the five Strategic Plan goal areas, the refreshed Strategic Plan included a series of global metrics that would serve as a means with which to gauge overall County progress toward achieving Strategic Plan Goals. The metrics (measures) include 17 “Community” Indicators, which are broad and high-level gauges of the community which can be used to inform the creation of community wide policy and overarching progress toward the five Strategic Plan goals.

Strategic Plan Community Indicators
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Goal 1:  Community Empowerment and Enrichment

Provide access to educational, vocational, economic and cultural opportunities while empowering citizens to choose pathways for their own success.


Goal 2: Health and Well-being For All

Improve the quality of life across the lifespan through protecting the health of community, reducing barriers to access services and ensuring a network of integrated health and human services available to people in need.

 secure community

 Goal 3: Safe Community

Partner with stakeholders to prevent and address unsafe conditions, protect life and property, respond to emergencies and ensure accessible and fair justice.


 Goal 4: Environment

Protect natural resources and support and promote community and economic vitality for all residents of Durham County.

 visionary govt

 Goal 5: Visionary Government

An effective organization committed to continuous innovation, exceptional customer service, transparency and fiscal responsibility.